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Candle Fragrance Calculator: Calculate how much wax and fragrance you need

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Candle making got easy with our candle making calculator. Formulate your own custom wax and fragrance blend.

Have you ever wanted to make a batch of candles and realized that you didn’t know how much wax and fragrance oil you needed? Figuring that out can seem daunting, especially for beginners. Fortunately, we have a candle making calculator app to help with that.

The fragrance calculator on CandlePal takes the guesswork out of determining how much wax and fragrance oil to use in your candles. It’s easy to use – just enter the total weight (fill weight), the percentage of fragrance oil you want to use, and the number of containers, and the calculator will tell you how much wax and oil to add to create your candles.

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It is important to note that the total weight is the combined weight of the wax and the fragrance oil in the candle. Furthermore, keep in mind that we measure by weight, not volume.

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How are fragrance and wax measured?

CandlePal uses the fragrance content method for calculating the amount of wax and fragrance needed for candle making because it takes into account the actual percentage of each ingredient used in the finished candle. This reduces any potential overage or wasted products that may have occurred previously.

Features of the App

Beginner and Pro Level Friendly

Our fragrance calculator allows for two modes, simple and advanced.

The simple mode is ideal for those using only one wax and one fragrance. If you plan on using multiple waxes or multiple fragrances, then the advanced mode would be more suitable.

Create a Custom Wax Blend

Blending waxes are a great way to get the best of both worlds. Different waxes can add different qualities to your candles, making them easier to wick, cast a stronger scent, longer lasting, or give them a smoother finish. If you’re just starting out in candle making, blending waxes can be a great way to learn about the different types of wax and what they can do for your candles. If you’re more experienced, blending waxes can give you more control over the final product, allowing you to create candles with exactly the qualities you’re looking for.

The calculator can be used to create custom blends of wax by entering the percentages of each wax. This can be helpful for beginner to intermediate candle makers who want to experiment with different types of waxes.

Formulate Unique Scents

The benefits of blending fragrances are many. First, it allows you to create unique and signature scents that are all your own. Second, blending allows you to add depth and complexity to your favorite scents. Finally, blending can actually improve the smell of a fragrance by drawing in notes from other oils.

For beginner to intermediate candle makers, blending can be a great way to learn about different oils and their properties. It can also help you develop your own personal style when it comes to fragrance.

The advanced mode allows the maker to create custom fragrance blends with a high degree of precision. By entering the percentages of each fragrance, the calculator will break down the blend in terms of weight and provide a summary of the blend. This can be helpful for candle makers who want to create their own unique scents with greater accuracy.

Converts Between Units

When measuring materials in candle making, makers tend to use grams or ounces as the units to measure weight. CandlePal makes it easy to convert between ounces and grams with the click of a button.

Save Your Results

There’s also an exciting feature – you can save your result to your favorites and refer back to it whenever you like. Just click the Save button on the results screen.

How to use the fragrance calculator?

Here is how to use the calculator in simple mode:

  1. Toggle the unit of measurement you are using. The load calculator allows for calculations in ounces or grams.
  2. Determine how much wax your jar can hold and enter the number in the field called “Fill Weight”.
  3. Configure the fragrance load percentage for the wax you are using and enter the amount in the field called “Fragrance ratio”.
  4. Enter the number of candles you wish to produce under the field called “Number of Vessels”.
  5. Click the Calculate button and your results will appear. This will tell you how much wax and how much fragrance you will need to use in order to produce the candle size and quantity you need.

The fragrance calculator in CandlePal is a valuable tool for anyone interested in candle making. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate candle maker, the calculator can take the complexity out of calculating the amount of wax and fragrance needed to create your candles. It also can help you create custom blends of wax and fragrances. Have you tried blending fragrances for candles? What tips do you have to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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